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30 days of discipline

In ancient days every boy had to undertake a rite of passage to become a man. We don't do that anymore. We are all raised as girls. But man needs a challenge. We need obstacles to overcome, rival to beat even if the rival is our own laziness. Hardship builds character. Character is faith.

This month I'm going to challenge myself with 30 days of discipline by Victor Pride. It's 12 rules that replace your old habits with new, more badass one. Victor demands you join this challenge in November. I highly recommend it.

I'm starting 30 days of discipline myself. And because I already do lot of stuff it asks me to do, I'll make it harder for myself.

1. Eat healthy 3 times each day

I already follow intermittent fasting protocol and I eat only 2 meals most of my days. My Achilles heel is sweets. I can go most of the week without them because I simply don't buy them. But on weekends when I'm tempted, it's hard to resist. My challenge for this month will be to avoid sweets completely for the whole month.

I already told my wife I don't want her to buy anything sweet. If she wants to make happy, she'll cook me a steak instead.

2. Wake up early every day

For 30 days you must wake up daily at or by 5am. (7am is latest acceptable time). My working schedule simply doesn't allow me to wake up at 5am. I would have to neglect my wife and dog just to arbitrary wake up early and watch some YouTube videos because I have nothing to do in the morning. Therefore, my challenge will be to wake up at 7am but to get out of the bed right away. I will not read articles or browse internet on my mobile phone in bed in the morning, nor in the evening.

3. Take cold showers every day

Cold shower helps fight inflammation in the body, refreshes the mind and makes the muscles less sore after workout. I've been taking cold showers every day for past year. In fact, I always end showering with cold water no matter what. I'm going to continue with that.

4. No masturbation or pornography

This goes without saying. It's few months I discovered how bad pornography is for you. You are always better with having sex with real person instead of some fantasy.

5. 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups

Fifth rule tells you to do 100 push-ups, squats and sit-ups every day above your normal training. I already have morning routine that includes push-ups and squats. I'll just increase the numbers and replace plank with sit-ups. They are better for my Muay Thai training anyway.

6. Dress the best you can

Being a man that others take seriously means also dressing properly. This one will be very difficult for me. I don't have or ever wear suit (seriously, not even on my own wedding). I'm going to change this rule a little bit. Of course, I'll dress the best I have. But my main focus will be on keeping my face shaved every day and my nails properly cut. I'll also start using lotion or some kind of product to keep my skin from getting too dry. I will simply start caring about myself.

7. Have todo-list for every day

Having a list of things to do forces you to focus on what's important and not get distracted. Sometimes things happen you have to ditch your list but without a direction you never accomplish anything. I'm going to make list of 5 things to do every morning (maybe during my morning routine?).

8. Keep correct posture

Every day you have to keep your back straight, walk with your shoulders back, head high, make eye contact with everyone you see. I don't keep proper eye contact and I know that about me. This is one thing I need to seriously work on. I've read somewhere that good trick to remind yourself to look into people's eyes is to learn the color of eyes of every person you meet. You can't do that without looking into their eyes. It's time to start.

9. Quit your bullshit

I hate people who can't answer simple yes/no question with resolute yes or no. I can't respect people who have tons of excuses for everything.

I'm going to step up a bit and implement radical honesty into my life. I'm stopping all the white lies and stories that we tell each day to make ourselfs look better.

10. Keep a notebook and pen with you at all times

30 days of discipline asks you to keep a notepad or some other form of easily accessible mean of taking notes. We live in digital age and quite frankly, going for a run with a notepad and pen is impractical. I'm going to use a phone. But I will implement a system of organizing and checking my notes regularly.

11. Create a definitive goal

At the end of November I'll have a visible six-pack. It's been my dream for many years now but never really focused on making it real.

Every member of British rowing team asks himself one simple question: Will it make the boat go faster? When they are in doubt about a decision, they ask themselves this one simple question. Will eating this donut make the boat faster? No. So don't eat it. Simple.

My question for next month will be - Will it get me closer to six-pack?

12. On the seventh he rested

Everyone needs a rest. When lion doesn't hunt, eat or fuck he sleeps. First half of every Sunday will be my rest time but after lunch it's back to business.