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Access aliased terminal command

If you use terminal a lot, you know about ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile and other files you can use to modify your bash. You probably also know you can create aliases for commands that you use a lot: alias la="ls -la"

You can also change default behaviour of some commands, for example add arguments: alias ls="ls -G".

But what if you then want to access the original ls without the -G. Use uppercased name: LS. It seems that alias in bash creates alias only for exact match while bash commands are not case sensitive by default. You can as well use Ls or lS. It's all the same.

Erratum: I was informed on twitter that my "solution" works only on case-insensitive and case-preserving systems, like Mac. On case-sensitive systems this doesn't work. You can instead use backslash before a command: \ls