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Be a lion, not a meerkat

Today one of my colleagues asked me how is that I can fall asleep as soon as close my eyes. I realized I wasn't always like that. I used to be struggling to fall asleep until I changed my approach to life, universe and everything. I used to live like a meerkat. Meerkats hunt all day because only things they can kill are bugs, lizards and other low-fat prey. And if they stop feeding, they die. No wonder they look so stressed all the time. Being a meerkats suck.

Lion sleeps for the bigger part of the day. If he gets hungry, he hunts down big enough prey it fills him up (or even better - steals some else's lunch). When he gets horny, he fucks a lioness. And then he goes back to sleep. Lion goes full throttle or not at all.

Yesterday I worked out in the morning. I was deadlifting so heavy I burst a blood-vessel in my eye. Then I stuffed my stomach and worked hard on my projects. In the afternoon I had a Muay-Thai training. For over an hour I kicked and punched other guys while they were punching and kicking me. Then I had huge dinner - bacon, eggs, vegetables, same as every night. And before I went to sleep, I got a Cuban cigar and took my dog for a long walk.

I don't watch TV before sleep. Mainly because I don't own one. I don't have a Facebook or Instagram account to scroll through. I don't watch porn because I have a beautiful wife that thinks I'm the best guy under the sun. I don't buy useless shit. I don't own any stock that could fall. I pay everything with my own money. I tell people what I really think. I'm nobody's man. Are you still surprised I fall asleep before my head even hits the pillow?