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Dog sitting

This story didn't happen to me but to a friend of my wife named Marketa. Marketa had friends that were going on a vacation and needed someone to take care of their dog. It was a quite old dog so they just needed someone to walk him a give him food. It sounded easy so Marketa offered help, even though she didn't have no experience with pets.

The third day the dog died. Marketa didn't know what to do so she called for advice. She was scared that they'll get angry with her. They were sad but ensured her it wasn't her fault since the dog was old. They just asked her to keep the dog until they come back so they can bury him. They were supposed to return in another week or so so it was necessary to store the corpse in a freezer. But Marketa didn't really want to have a dead dog in her freezer so her friends offered her a solution.

"You know what? You have keys from our apartment. So just take the dog there. Throw away anything you find in our freezer and put the corpse there. We'll bury him when we get back"

Marketa didn't want to that either, especially since she didn't have a car but what other option she had? She still felt it was partially her fault the dog died. So she agreed.

She put the dog into to the largest suitcase she had home and went for public transport. The problem was that she had to transfer from one subway line to another and it meant to carry the suitcase up the stairs - dead dogs are heavy. That's why she gladly accepted an offer of a young gentleman who offered to carry it upstairs.

"That's a quite heavy suitcase. What are you carrying in it?"

What she could say? That it's a dead dog inside?

"It's just some old laptops from our company. I'm taking them for recycling."

As soon as she said that the dude ran away. With the suitcase.

How would you explain to police that someone stole your suitcase with some else's dead dog inside?