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My eating rules

2 years ago, I was 120kg, now I’m 82kg and can do 22 strict pull-ups. In the last 2 years I tried lot of diets and eating schedules - keto, low fat, 6 meals a day, OMAD, calorie counting. Everything that remotely made sense I tried, kept what worked and I was able to do in a long term. I got rid of the other nonsense and ended up with these rules.

Eat 2 meals a day

I eat two square meals a day. I have a lunch around 11am and if typically consists of big portion of vegetables, meat, piece of whole wheat pastry and sometimes a piece of fruit. I also have a protein shake with it when I have two training in that day. I make a dinner around 7pm or later when I return from training. It’s almost always a bacon, 4 eggs and big portion of vegetables. Sometimes I also have a handful of nuts.

Since I usually eat the same things, I don’t have to spend any time or energy planning my meals.

Every meal contains vegetables

Every meal must contain big portion of vegetables, ideally raw. If the meal isn't "vegetable based" I just buy a bell pepper, some carrots or a cucumber and eat it as a side dish. Only exception are foods that just taste weird with vegetables, like oatmeal.

One of the reasons I always carry a knife is that I use it every day to chop or peel vegetables. The other one is that if I ever get attacked by a rabid rottweiler, I'll have something to defend myself.

If I can't get vegetables for some reason, I simply skip that meal. On other hand, I allow myself to eat non-starchy vegetables (aka "not potatoes") in any amount. Sometimes I just eat whole cauliflower or half a kilo of carrots.

Structure meals around protein source

I don't count macros because I don’t care about them. I only make sure that base of each of my meals is protein - meat or eggs. That means I don't eat sweet food like pancakes because there's not enough protein.

Soy is not a protein source. Soy is emasculating poison.

Cheat only with food I really love

Sometimes I have a cheat meal. But it's always something that I absolutely love. I don't spend my cheat meals on stuff that is just good. I don't cheat with potato chips. They are good, and I like them, but I like pizza way more. If I decide to cheat, I go 100% for the best thing.

This rule helps me to keep my cheating to one meal and doesn't trigger a binge marathon. My cheat meal satisfies my enough that I can get back to clean eating. There's nothing better than what I just ate anyway.

Don’t scavenge

There's lot of different celebrations in the office and often some food remains, usually donuts, bagels and similar highly processed junk. My colleagues always scavenge like vultures.

Free food is a trap. Nothing good is ever free.

This rule is basically redundant because of the previous one but I struggled with it, so I had to make it explicit.

Weight myself every day

Some people say you should not weigh yourself every day. Those people are idiots. How else you’re supposed to know how much you weigh today? What if I'm bulking too quickly? What if I lost too much water weight on yesterday training? People that say weighing is triggering are pussies.

I also take pictures of myself sometimes. When I started losing weight, I took them exactly every 3 months. But the difference now is not so significant, so I stopped doing in on regular basis.

Eat to full, not stuffed

I eat until I'm full because I like being full. That's why I couldn't do the body-building diet of 6 meals. I was always hungry, never satisfied. But full doesn't mean stuffed. I still must be able to run 10k under an hour straight after a meal.

I can eat whatever on my own wedding

There are events when all rules go aside but they are rare - my own wedding for example. I won't give you a complete list, but you'll recognize them when they happen to you. Just a hint; if the event happens every year, it's not rare.