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Encountering an axe murderer

When I was 17, me and my then girlfriend went to a camping trip. We set-up our tend between the forest and the river on our private land. On the other side of the river was a girl scouts camp, all between 8 and 13 years old. They set up their toilets in the forest so every time they went there they had to cross a small bridge and walk across our land.

We spend most days drinking, smoking and just chatting. In the night we screwed. We had a great time. Then one night came a huge thunderstorm. It was raining, wind was blowing branches of the trees and the forest was making scary noises. We were doing it again when all of the sudden one of the pins holding our tent gave up and the cold wet tent canvas fall on my naked back.

I somehow managed to find an axe in total darkness and told my girlfriend to wait inside, I'm going to fix the tent. As I stepped outside, naked as jaybird with and axe with my hand a lightning cut the sky in half. And then I saw small girl just 10 feet in front of me, all scared, going to the toilet in middle of the night. As she saw me, she dropped the small lamp she carried and ran back to the camp.

If your daughter ever returned from a summer camp and told you she encountered naked axe murderer, don't worry. It were probably just some teenagers fucking.