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My Morning Routine

This is my morning warmup routine I perform every morning just after I wake up. No matter if I workout that day or not, on workdays and weekeds, on vacation, no excuses.

It's not carved into a stone though. I improve my routine, I add or remove stuff when I get bored. For example I used do sit-ups but since I started training thaibox I do a lots of them in my afternoon training. Therefore I switched them for plank in my morning routine. I also manage to read emails or watch a short video on youtube while planking.

Create your own morning routine and get disciplined.

February 2019

Less stretching, more push-ups! It's funny that up until recently 40 push-ups was my personal record. Now I can do them first thing in the morning.

January 2019

In January 2019 I've started training more dynamicly and therefore I started changing my morning routine accordingly.

November 2018

In November 2018 I've changed 3 miunutes of plank for 35 sit-ups for the 30 days of discipline challange

October 2018