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You get what you are afraid the most

I don't believe in fate, but I do believe that you get what you afraid the most - self-fulfilling prophecies.

I was afraid of joining self-defense class or a martial arts gym because I was afraid of confrontation and that I would look dumb. Then one day I got assaulted by two junkies on a train station. I got exactly what I was afraid of - confrontation and black eye.

Some people sit on their asses whole day, thinking about how they should exercise more. But they never do because they worry about being breathless and sore. So, they gain weight are breathless and sore just from going few flies of stairs.

My kickbox trainer recently started MMA career. He's a world class striker but not the best grappler. His first ever opponent was a fighter with great ground game. My trainer knew he had no chance in grappling, so he focused so much on not being taken down he didn't get a chance to do his thing. Instead of doing what he does best - kicking the other guy to the face, he just defended takedowns. Eventually he found himself on the ground and he lost the fight.

Don't be like this. Don't be afraid of anything and take life head on. You never know what happens, you might as well be aggressive and do your own thing. Let others react to you.

In poker, when you don't know what to do, you bet or raise the stakes. You might lose your money, that happens. But you force others to keep up to your pace. You get information. And maybe next time they'll think twice before going against you. It's the calling stations who usually loses the most.